1: Introduction Looking for an affordable iPhone model? Learn more about the best options in the market.

2: iPhone SE The iPhone SE offers great performance at a budget-friendly price.

3: iPhone 11 Get the features of a flagship iPhone at a more affordable cost with the iPhone 11.

4: iPhone XR The iPhone XR is a reliable choice for those looking for a balance of price and performance.

5: iPhone 12 Mini Experience the latest iPhone technology in a compact and affordable package with the iPhone 12 Mini.

6: Buying Tips Tips for finding the most affordable iPhone model that meets your needs and budget.

7: Refurbished iPhones Consider purchasing a refurbished iPhone for even more savings on a quality device.

8: Comparison Compare the features and prices of different iPhone models to find the best value.

9: Conclusion Choose the most affordable iPhone model that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Upgrade without breaking the bank!