1: "US gymnast Simone Biles makes history as 1st American woman to win Olympic gold in vault."

2: "Biles amazes with her gravity-defying leaps and flawless execution in the vault competition."

3: "A role model for young gymnasts, Biles continues to push the boundaries of the sport."

4: "Her dedication and hard work have paid off, shining bright on the Olympic stage."

5: "Simone Biles' talent and determination have inspired a new generation of gymnasts."

6: "The US gymnastics superstar's historic achievement cements her legacy in the sport."

7: "Biles' gold medal win in vault is a testament to her unmatched skill and athleticism."

8: "An icon in the world of gymnastics, Simone Biles continues to break barriers and set records."

9: "Congratulations to Simone Biles for her remarkable feat and for making history as the 1st American woman to win Olympic gold in the vault competition."