1: Meet the Time Traveller Discover how a traveler from the year 2671 warns of a real-life Purge approaching. Get ready for a journey through time and suspense.

2: The Warning The Time Traveller brings news of a deadly Purge event. Find out what steps can be taken to prepare.

3: Future Threat Learn about the dangers faced in the year 2671. Explore the chilling reality of a real-life Purge.

4: Time Machine Delve into the technology used for time travel. Uncover the secrets of the Time Traveller's journey.

5: Survival Tips Discover essential tips for surviving the impending Purge. Arm yourself with knowledge to stay safe.

6: Countdown The clock is ticking as the Purge approaches. Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge.

7: Endgame Learn about the Time Traveller's plan to stop the Purge. Witness the final battle between good and evil.

8: Changing Fate Explore the possibility of altering the course of history. Join the fight to prevent the real-life Purge.

9: The Journey Continues Stay tuned for updates on the Time Traveller's mission. Follow along as the adventure unfolds.