1: Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly 75 Million USD

2: The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter, minted in silver, recently sold for 75 Million USD.

3: 1933 Double Eagle Coin, valued at over 7.5 million USD, is highly sought after by collectors.

4: Patek Philippe Supercomplication pocket watch, sold for 24 million USD, is a horological marvel.

5: The Pink Star diamond, sold for 71.2 million USD, is one of the most valuable gems in the world.

6: Hope Diamond, valued at over 200 million USD, has a storied history and mesmerizing blue hue.

7: Graff Pink Diamond, sold for 46 million USD, is one of the rarest and most beautiful pink diamonds.

8: Ferrari 250 GTO, sold for over 48 million USD, is a vintage collectible car worth every penny.

9: These gems and collectibles prove that rare items can fetch millions in today's market.