1: Kevin Costner revealed he was offered $24 million to continue starring in Yellowstone for seasons 5, 6, and 7.

2: The actor opened up about the lucrative deal in a recent interview, admitting he ultimately turned it down.

3: Costner's decision to walk away from Yellowstone shocked fans, who had grown to love him as John Dutton.

4: Despite the massive paycheck, Kevin Costner prioritized other creative opportunities over joining the show for three more seasons.

5: The Hollywood star's decision reflects his commitment to choosing roles that align with his artistic vision.

6: Costner's legacy as a versatile actor remains intact as he continues to pursue projects that challenge and inspire him.

7: Even without Kevin Costner, Yellowstone continues to captivate audiences with its intense drama and compelling storytelling.

8: Fans eagerly await the next season of Yellowstone to see where the show's narrative will go without Costner's leading character.

9: Kevin Costner's impact on Yellowstone may be lasting, but his legacy as an actor extends far beyond any single role.