1: Transform your Jiffy Cornbread with these weekend dessert hacks!

2: Upgrade your Jiffy Cornbread with fresh corn kernels for added texture.

3: Add a drizzle of honey on top for a sweet twist to your cornbread.

4: Incorporate diced jalapenos for a spicy kick in your homemade Jiffy Cornbread.

5: Mix in shredded cheese for a savory twist on your classic cornbread recipe.

6: Try topping your cornbread with whipped honey butter for an indulgent treat.

7: Experiment with different add-ins like bacon bits or chives for unique flavors.

8: Serve your Jiffy Cornbread warm with a side of vanilla ice cream for dessert.

9: Get creative with your Jiffy Cornbread by adding in seasonal fruits like blueberries or peaches.