1: Meet the Director Discover why Stopmotion's director is obsessed with tiny puppets that bring nightmares to life.

2: Building the World Step behind the scenes as the director creates a chilling atmosphere with intricate set designs.

3: Crafting the Characters Learn how each puppet is meticulously designed to evoke fear in viewers.

4: Mastering Techniques Explore the director's unique approach to stop-motion animation and special effects.

5: The Art of Fear Uncover how the director uses suspense and realism to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

6: Embracing the Madness Delve into the twisted mind of the director as he shares his inspiration for creating terrifying tales.

7: Dark Influences Discover the director's favorite horror films and how they shape his storytelling style.

8: Behind the Curtain Peek into the director's creative process and see how he brings his nightmares to life onscreen.

9: What's Next Find out what terrifying projects the director has in store and get ready for more horrifying adventures.