1: Bad Bunny's Spider-Man spinoff movie El Muerto reportedly removed from Sony's release schedule. Fans eager for updates on the anticipated film have been left disappointed.

2: Speculation rises as to why Bad Bunny's El Muerto has been pulled from Sony's lineup. Is it due to scheduling conflicts, creative differences, or other unforeseen circumstances?

3: Despite the setback, Bad Bunny fans remain hopeful for the release of El Muerto. The rapper-turned-actor's involvement in the highly anticipated Spider-Man spinoff has generated significant buzz.

4: Sony's decision to remove Bad Bunny's El Muerto from its release schedule has raised questions about the future of the project. Will the film be delayed, or is it facing cancellation?

5: El Muerto's removal from Sony's release schedule has left fans speculating about what the future holds for Bad Bunny's Spider-Man spinoff. Will the film be reimagined or scrapped entirely?

6: Bad Bunny enthusiasts eagerly await updates on the status of El Muerto. Despite its removal from Sony's release schedule, there is still hope that the movie will eventually see the light of day.

7: News of El Muerto's removal from Sony's lineup has sparked debate among Bad Bunny fans. What does the future hold for the Spider-Man spinoff, and will it ever be released?

8: Sony's decision to pull Bad Bunny's El Muerto from its release schedule has left many disappointed. The highly anticipated Spider-Man spinoff now faces an uncertain future.

9: As speculation swirls around the fate of Bad Bunny's El Muerto, one thing remains certain: fans are eagerly awaiting new developments on the Spider-Man spinoff. Stay tuned for updates.