1: Experience the breathtaking sight of a total solar eclipse in April 2024.

2: Witness the rare event of a lunar eclipse paired with a supermoon in May 2024.

3: Marvel at the stunning alignment of Jupiter and Venus in a double conjunction in August 2024.

4: Look up to see the spectacular meteor shower of the Perseids in August 2024.

5: Catch a glimpse of the closest approach of Mars to Earth in September 2024.

6: Don't miss the beautiful pairing of the Moon and Saturn in their conjunction in October 2024.

7: Spot the Leonids meteor shower lighting up the night sky in November 2024.

8: Get ready for the dazzling show of the Geminids meteor shower in December 2024.

9: End the year with a bang as you watch the Ursids meteor shower in December 2024.