1: Dr. Richard Webber - A respected mentor whose leadership steered Grey Sloan Memorial through numerous challenges.

2: Dr. Owen Hunt - Known for his decisive decisions and unwavering dedication to his patients.

3: Dr. Miranda Bailey - The "Nazi" chief who balances tough love with compassion.

4: Dr. Derek Shepherd - A brilliant neurosurgeon who faced personal and professional turmoil.

5: Dr. Ellis Grey - A trailblazer in medicine, whose legacy still impacts the hospital.

6: Dr. Preston Burke - A skilled surgeon who left a lasting impression on his colleagues.

7: Dr. Catherine Fox - A fierce advocate for healthcare reform and innovative practices.

8: Dr. Teddy Altman - A skilled cardiothoracic surgeon who navigated complex relationships.

9: Dr. Maggie Pierce - A talented surgeon with a fresh perspective on patient care.