1: 1. Squats: Strengthen your legs and core for increased fat burn.

2: 2. Lunges: Tone your legs and glutes for a leaner physique.

3: 3. Push-ups: Build upper body strength and rev up your metabolism.

4: 4. Planks: Engage your core for improved posture and stability.

5: 5. Deadlifts: Work your entire body for a powerful calorie burn.

6: 6. Dumbbell Rows: Sculpt your back and arms for a toned look.

7: 7. Bench Press: Strengthen your chest and shoulders for a defined upper body.

8: 8. Russian Twists: Target your obliques for a slimmer waistline.

9: 9. Burpees: Combine strength and cardio for a complete fat-burning workout.